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Booking Form

This form is used to confirm your booking, please make sure you have followed the How to Book instructions and that you have already reserved your stay with us. Reservations are kept for 7 Days.

To finalise booking, please print and complete this form and post it along with your remittance + deposit of £100 to:

Janina Lisowski, 21 Harcroft Avenue, Saddlestone, Douglas, Isle of Man, IM2 1PF

Arrival Date (dd/mm/yyyy): Flight Number:
Departure Date (dd/mm/yyyy): Flight Number:
Lead Party Name:
Lead Party Email Addres:
Lead Party Email Phone Number (inc. Country Code):
How many in party?
If divers, how many are diving?
How many Non-Divers?
How many Non-Divers are interested in a "Try Dive "?
If known, please select what tours you might be interested in:
    Intro Dives
    Try Dives
    Bedoiun Night
    Horse Riding
Camel Riding
Quad Bikes
Glass Bottom Boat
St Katherines Monestary
RAS Mohammed National Park
I am sorry, but I am unable to accept credit cards.


Email Address Egypt Contact Number 00201 2375 5475 UK Contact Number 0793 744265